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  • Mood: Lazy
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  • Reading: Naruto FanFictions
  • Watching: Deadman Wonderland
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Dear my Friend,

I don't know what's wrong with me at the moment.
I totally don't feel like going on deviantArt, well, mainly because I feel bad every time I do it.
All the pictures I've in storage are miles away from being finished...
And also, I'm suspicious about my creepy english.
Yeah, I'm suspicious about this! Crazy...

Well, at least I feel good.
I began to write some FanFictions, but I'm still practising, so they're are in german.
Maybe I will translate some of them somewhere in time, I'll see what to do.

Inspiration got me, and I've drawn a thousand of pictures lately...
But I'm way too lazy to finish them without a GraphicTablet.
It's so much damn work which is also annoying and blablabla...
Anyway, I'll find my way to have a new GT soon.
And then maybe finally finish those pictures...

Mh, that was all for now.
Love ya.



LoversOfSasori's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hey there everyone, this is me, Tokie Matoke.
I’m from germany, but this do not mean that I’m a Racist or a Nazi.
I am friendly to everyone who’s not trying to be mean to me.
I’m not that good in writing English, but I’m practising here on dA, and I hope I will learn a lot!

I do love Naruto (the anime and the manga, not that stupid guy) especially the Akatsuki!
They’re so great!

The best of all is… Sasori~
At least, that’s my personal opinion.
And now I could tell you why I named myself “LoversOfSasori”.
I’m a big fan of different couples.
And… well… everyone of them… is a couple with SASORI :D
Oh god yes!

I totally love:

- OroSaso (Orochimaru X Sasori)

I don’t know if anyone would really call this a couple, but I do.
Sasori does not love Orochimaru, but Orochimaru does love Sasori. Much.
Seems like Sasori have to deal with it l3
But will he? WHO KNOWS!
(At least he's not happy about it... )

- PainSaso (Pain X Sasori)

One of my newest.
It's kinda because...........
Un, there's no reason~
Just coupled them for fun, and then they was just so cute...
Also... Maybe Pain was the reason why Sasori joined Akatsuki?
Ah, my crazy mind is just thinking about this all the time...

- ZeSaso (Zetsu X Sasori)

Why is there NO - and when I say it like this it's serious - ...why is there NO ZESASO OUT THERE?
Was I the only one who thought about this? :<
... Anyway! No you know it! There IS ZeSaso! I'm sure!
Oh well, it's again one of my newer couples...
Maybe I will really couple EVERYONE with Sasori... ^^;
But I hope not, that would be boring :I

- SasoDei (Sasori X Deidara)

The most popular couple… or what?
I’m talking together with my friends a lot about this couple~
Sometimes, they just seem to be friends, sometimes Deidara is a girl and is married with Sasori (mostly because of this “Danna”-thing, uh know, danna does mean “master/husband”, kind of this).
And sometimes they are gay~
So please do not wonder about random couple art I’ll upload about these various loves.


- SasoSasu (Sasori X Sasuke)

Objections? No?
This couple happened while a RP with a good friend of mine.
We just wrote with Sasuke and Sasori, when I suddenly thought that they would be a really cute couple together~ <3
And well… now they’re together… kinda :3
They’re both to shy to tell what they feel for each other…
Wonder what will happen between them ^-^

- SasoKabu (Sasori X Kabuto)

Fan since someone told me about it~ Sylvinha-Alves
And sad there not that much pictures about them...
Mh, don't know what to tell about them.
Will see what's the relationship and update this somewhere in time ;P

- SakoSaso (Sakon X Sasori)

...because of my friends.
We were writting a SasoDei-Story, when suddenly Deidara was really mean to Sasori... after that Sasori was sad and Deidara flew away on his bird.
And suddenly there was Sakon.
He was nice, friendly...
And helped Sasori.
After that, everyone, me and also my friends, wanted to have that couple~
It's only Sakon X Sasori, not Sakon AND Ukon X Sasori or Ukon X Sasori!
Got it?

So, this is the complicated life of Sasori!
…at least, his love-life…

I'm also a big Fan of Isaribi, another character of Naruto.
She doesn't appear in the manga, only in the anime, but I think that she's really awesome! ^-^
I do like the idea that she could be together with Suigetsu
(wrote a RP with the same friend which makes me think about SasoSasu), but at the moment they're just really close friends.

This was my little page-introduction-thing.
Hope you liked it ^-^
See forward to my random art~

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